Vad vet vi om Maria Magdalena? Hört talas om den blå rosen hon fick av Joshua? ❤️

Image from the movie ”Finding Jesus”

The Path of the Magdalen – THE ORDER OF THE BLUE ROSE Does anyone know who wrote this Magdalen passage? What are your thoughts about this passage?

”The Order of the Blue Rose was established by Mary Magdalene after the crucifixion of Yahshua (‘Yahshua’ is the true name that has come into English as ‘Jesus’), to be a special order for only the most faithful followers of the Nasarean Religion of the Essene Way.

You see, immediately after the crucifixion, many of the male followers of Yahshua (‘Jesus’) refused to accept a woman – Mary Magdalene – as their leader. Magdalene, the rightful successor to Yahshua, established The Order of the Blue Rose for those who remained faithful to her. She established the order in Israel shortly after the crucifixion, then escaped to France carrying the baby of her husband and co-Messiah, Yahshua. (They were legally married at Cana.)